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lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)New Issues of Space Stamps and/or Covers

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Espace Lollini - click on New Issues or similar : includes some illustrations
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)JPL Stamp Club - all about JPL Stamp Club covers and more
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Weebau - click on new emissions

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)FIP (Federation Internationale De Philatelie)

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)General Regulations for Exhibits & Special Regulations for Astrophilately Exhibits can be obtained by clicking on the regulations button on the left side of the opening page

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Philatelic Societies (Full Details)

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)American Air Mail Society
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Astro Space Stamp Society
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Belgian astrophilatelist club - BFV Cosmos
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Internationaler Aero-Philatelisten Club
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aérophilatéliques (FISA)
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)FIP Astrophilately Section
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Society of Space Philatelists in Switzerland GWP

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Philatelic Links - General

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resource - The Most Extensive List of Philatelic Links on the Net
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) - A list of philatelic pages and organisations on the Web (note: generally is in Dutch but many of the Organisations and pages are in English)
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)USPS Postmarks - Click on the Issue Year, then the Issue Number, then Philately in the left-hand panel and scroll down until you reach the postmarks.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Linn's Writer's Guidelines - General guidelines for writing an article for Linn's Stamp News magazine
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)JJF's Philatelic Links
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)The Stamp Collecting Guide - Nice collection of links & articles on stamps
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)AskPhil - Created by the Collectors Club of Chicago (CCC) as a valuable resource for reference data required by stamp collectors and postal historians. Has a great range of valuable information and World Wide contacts, including an excellent question and answer section.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Stamp Collecting Guide - and a useful list of links (try this for Australian Stamp Dealers)

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Philatelic Links - Space Related

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)NASA's 'The Space Educator's Handbook' - Space Stamps in colour
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Space and Astronomy Stamps - Edward A. Locke's page
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)The StampCircuit Club - Includes a philatelic search engine plus links
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Collect Space - A useful site that contains a wealth of resources to do with collecting space memorabilia including space covers and stamps
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Beck Naval Covers - A most comprehensive site devoted to the 1000+ covers designed by Morris Beck including Recovery Ship Covers. It includings all known basic covers plus crew covers, varieties, printing errors and more. An absolute must see for all Recovery Ship collectors.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Don Hillger - Unmanned Satellite Covers - a wonderful site which is an index to checklists of Un-Manned Satellite Philately, either by general discipline/category of satellite, OR by specific satellite or satellite series. Started in 2001, the site now has over 140 pages and over 12,000 images!
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)NASA Local Post & Space City Cover Society- a very useful site documenting SCCS covers and NASA Local Post stamps including downloadable catalogs.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Message Boards

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)collectSPACE - Various message boards plus much more

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Other Space Collecting Links

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)China Space Souvenirs - brief information of Chinese Space History as well as China's First Space Shuttle "Shen Zhou" Commemoratives - An English version is available using the button at lower left. Note that this site can be difficult to get to and sometimes pages only partly load.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Astronaut Autopen Guide!!! - A comprehensive guide to machine produced Astronaut signatures
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Another Autopen Guide! - An even more comprehensive Astronaut autopen guide
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Space Patches
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)More Space Patches

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Space Societies

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)National Space Society - USA
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)National Space Society - Australia
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)The Planetary Society - USA
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)The British Interplanetary Society- Great Britain
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)The Association of Space Explorers


lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Members Home Pages (personal only)

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Petr Chytka - an extremely well done site which lists space stamps from many countries and has useful links to other sites
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Bruce Cranford - Space Covers: Dictionary & Identifier, Year 2006 Edition - an introduction to the latest edition of a most valuable publication plus a list of many cachets that have appeared over the years on covers.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Dennis Dillman - My Favorite Covers- a nice site showing a range of interesting covers with associated information including a great MR-3 Lake Champlain cover
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Jim Hill - Woomera History and Covers
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Don Hillger - Unmanned Satellite Covers - see above in Philatelic Links - Space Related
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Richard Jackson - List of Space Books
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Robert Link - Autographs
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Allan Putterman - LightYears Space Philately
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Ross Smith - Challenger & Columbia Memorial Page - lists covers and stamps issued for the STS-51L and STS-107 missions
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Ross Smith - Recovery Ship Cover & Postmark Varieties - a comprehensive site which lists all known Recovery Ships and the covers issued including cachet varieties, postmark varieties & other interesting covers for the US Manned Space Program
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Ross Smith - Australian Space Stamps, Postmarks & Associated Items - lists all know Australia Space stamps, FDCs and postmarks
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Cindy Schellenberg - includes links to Space Web pages
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Alec Bartos - Everything connected with the stamps he has designed
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Chris Calle - Chris & Paul Calle's Space Art including US stamp designs

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Dealers Home Pages (including part time and casual)

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Astro-Postal History - has over 300,000 Space covers for sale
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)David Ball
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Espace Lollini
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Florian Noller - Spaceflori
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Joe Frasketi's Space Covers
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Joe Volutza
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Liberty Bell 7 Space Covers
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Space Books autographed by Astronauts

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Dealers - Others

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Robert C. Rank - (Space Voyager Covers)
545 - 41st Street,
Union City,
NJ 07087

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)On-Line Auctions, Seller-Buyer Pages etc - Often Include Links

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)StampFinder - Central marketplace for collectors and dealers to interact & links
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)eBay - A Personal Trading Community includes many categories including 'Stamps and Coins' - suggest you use the search facility for more specific lists such as 'Space Shuttle'.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Auction Houses' Home Pages

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Aurora Galleries International - A new firm dedicated to Space & Aviation Memorabilia
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Regency Superior - A leading auctioneer in tthe sale of classic postage Stamps, Coins, Sports and Space Memorabilia.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)R.R. Auction - Large autograph auctioneer just started including Space autograph auctions.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Harmer-Schau Auctions - An auction firm that carries out Space auctions

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Philatelic Software

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Village Stamp Windows Database Software - Village Stamp is a full featured database system that helps you track your stamp collection. Village Stamp incorporates a powerful search engine, a versatile report writer, easy data entry, context sensitive help, full customization, data graphing, an album view, a spreadsheet view, multiple image support, Internet Search and much more. You can download a demo from the site.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Useful Catalogues and Space Collecting Books

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Space Stamp and Cover Catalogues - see separate page
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Books on Space Collectibles - see separate page


lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes)Space In General

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)S_P Korolev Rocket & Space Corp. Energia - a useful site with the latest info and photos from the Russian Space program.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)International Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Names Glossary - A comprehensive listing of spacecraft or launch vehicle names and an extremely valuable resource.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)STS Press Kits online - New NASA Service
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Latest Shuttle Crew's Own Homepage!
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)NASA's Home Page
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)NASA's Kennedy Space Center Home Page
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)NASA's Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex - Australia
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)JPL's Mars Pathfinder Home Page
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)The Australian Telescope National Facility (ATNF)
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)All About UK Space
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) includes latest on search for Lunar water
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Lunar Prospector Home Page - Ice on the Moon
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Australian Space Information - Useful Site for What's happening in Australia
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Australian Space Research Institute - Includes Recent Aussie Space Projects and some history
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Space Links - A well done listing of some useful Space sites on the Web - mainly NASA
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes)Indian Space Organisation (ISRO) Web Site


lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) General Space Books

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) "Dragonfly" - The crisis aboard MIR by Bryan Burrough published by Harper Collins Books. It is on sale on line at Barns & Noble for $18. regularly $26.95
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Jane's Books, Jane's Publishing Company Ltd. - eg. Jane's Spaceflight Directory edited by Reginald Turnill; Solar System Log, by A Wilson; Manned Spaceflight Log and Space Shuttle Log both by Tim Furniss
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) The History of Rockery & Astronautics, Vols 1-15 - series by American
Astronautical Society
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Men & Women of Space, Univelt Publication, Douglas B. Hawthorne - May be out of print. Very comprehensive up to 1992.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) The History of Manned Space Flight by David Baker - Huge and very comprehensive. Mainly covers the period late 1950's to ASTP.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) The Soviet Cosmonaut Team Vols. 1 & 2 by Gordon Hooper - Vol 2 seems to be up to 1990 and includes Cosmonaut Biographies
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Fire across the Desert - Woomera and the Anglo-Australian Joint Project 1946-1980 by Peter Morton - The definite reference on Woomera. Commissoned and published by the Australian Department of Defense (almost 600 pages with lots of photos and diagrams).
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) On Mars - Exploration of the red planet 1958-1978 by Edward and Linda Ezell - one of NASA's excellent and comprehensive books (500+ pages).
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) The Soviet Manned Space Programme - by Phillip Clark, Salamander books Ltd, 1988 : ISBN:0-86101-369-7. In English: An illustrated history of the men, the missions and the spacecraft.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Baikonour: La porte des étoiles - SEP (in french) Armand Colin, Paris, 1994 : ISBN: 2-200-21546-0. A history of the space cosmodrome from the beginning with magnificant photo's.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) L'astronautique soviétique - by Christian Lardier ( in french), Armand Colin, Paris 1992 : ISBN: 2-200-21151-1.

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