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sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) WEEBAU 2nd Ed.+ supplement - has pictures of all stamps & M/S, lists them by Scott, Yvert & Michel, is easy to follow, by country/chronologically, even though it is in French, it does have a glossary of important terms in English, German & Dutch, it costs about $50 and is available from the author: P Bauduin, Van den Elschenstr 18, 1601 RUISBROEK, Belgium,

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Editions Lollini, Conquete de l'Espace 19th Ed - in French, costs around $50, The production is very slick. Full colour. 320 pages, A5 format.
Uses Yvert catalogue numbers. Chronologically by country. In French but easy to follow with lexicon in Eng., German, Spanish and Italian. It also uses small icons to show different sub-categories e.g. Concord, Astronomy. Includes a nice map of CIS republics Includes cinderellas from non UPU "nations" too., Lollini is a dealer so you can get many of the stamps from him, Lollini Ave Michel de Cimiez, 06000 Nice France. See Espace Lollini

Available in the USA from Subway Stamp Shop, 2121 Beale Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania, 16601. Call 1-800-221-9960 for orders order from their web site at The COSMOS (covers) catalog is $45 and the Space Conquest (stamps) is $48.

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Weltraum Philatelie e. V. Space Stamp Catalog - In full colour, from Albania through Yugoslavia on 456! pages, author Dieter Steinbrecher has assembled, described and scanned all space stamps issued until the end of 2007. This catalog caters for the needs of collectors who wish to collect, sort or exhibit space and astronomy stamps, Steinbrecher explains. He uses the numbering system of the German Michel catalogue. However, no values are given. See separate page for a full description.

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sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Space Covers: Dictionary and Identifier, 2006 Edition by Bruce Cranford - Now available from the Space Unit - See Space Unit Publications for Sale.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Astrophil, Weltraum Philatelie Katalog 1988 by Michael Gode - out of print. In German but with heaps of illustrations it is easy to follow, it stops at STS-51L, coverage is excellent, USA, USSR, France, Australia, Japan, and autographs, it cost around $20.
sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Editions Lollini, C.O.S.M.O.S 8th Ed - Now in FULL COLOUR. Wide coverage USA, Japan. Also Woomera, ESA and USSR. Illustrations of most items, many items for sale from his firm. Costs around Fr300 (US$50). Excellent value for the Space Cover Collector. See Espace Lollini

Review : This is the newest catalogue in the Lollini range. Like its stamps counterpart, it is now in full colour. The 336 pages includes covers from: USA, Wommera, Kourou, Japan, China, USSR and Russia. This French language catalogue is easy to use with illustrations of most covers together with a lexicon of terms in English, German , Spanish and Italian. The catalogue also includes two photo sections with photographs of all space travelers together with a facsimile autograph. The pricing is conservative though realistic for gems such as MR-3 Lake Champlain, U$ 7,352, MR-4 Randolph, U$ 2,666 and Russian Space Mail. On the down side though we still appear to have the inclusion of illustrations of numerous fakes including Riser fabrications such as: MR-3 Lake Champlain, MA-6 USS Noa, pp. 297-316 Baikonur fakes from Sputnik 1 to ASTP. At least we do get a warning about Mir fakes on the very last page. In all, a very good buy for the cover collector.

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) SPACE CRAFT COVERS: A Monograph and Catalog Revised and updated second edition by Charles J. Vukotich, Jr. - Space Craft Covers are considered by many to be the Cadillac of the hobby, covering the "golden age" of space exploration. The first edition of this work has now become a standard reference work on astrophilately and this popular series of covers, and has long been out of print. The second edition is the complete reference book on Space Craft and Swanson designed covers. It presents many new discoveries not in the first edition, and much new Space Craft lore. The section on non-SCC Swanson covers is also greatly expanded.. There are completely new sections on Space Craft Collectibles and Swanson rubber stamp designs. The catalog section is expanded to include information on cancel types (hand or machine). Prices have been updated to reflect the latest auctions and dealer sales.
82 pages, illustrated. Delux Coil binding for easy use. Cover reproducing an early piece of space art by Carl Swanson in full color.

Price: $32 (postpaid by Priority Mail in US); $42 (by international priority mail)
Order from:
Charles J. Vukotich, Jr.,
635 Ridgefield Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15216-1161

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sgrnball.gif (1031 bytes)The Beck Handbook of Printed cachets - Feb 1962 to Oct 1975 - compiled by Les Winick with cooperation of The Space Topics Study Unit
sgrnball.gif (1031 bytes)Primary Recovery Ship Cover Handbook by Ray E. Cartier
sgrnball.gif (1031 bytes)United States Space Shuttle Cover Catalog Volume One: Space Voyager Cachets by William Davis
sgrnball.gif (1031 bytes)Space Covers World Wide Catalogue CIFAr 1st Edition

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Space Mail

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Space Mail, German Philatelic Federation, Kosmische Post expertised by Walter Hopferwieser - could be out of print. Covers all flown items from Gagarin to Soyuz TM-17, illustrates all cancellations & cachets, facsimiles of most autographs too. Check with Walter,

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Rocket Mail

sbluball.gif (1031 bytes) Ellington-Zwisler, Rocket Mail Catalog Vols 1 & 2 - out of print. Is the standard and lists by country. Most items illustrated. Produced by the American Air Mail Society, costs around $150 at auction

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