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lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Space Unit CD : Written by Paul Bulver, updated from an earlier publication by Les Winick and Dr. Reuben Ramkissoon, this is an amazing comprendium of over 200 pages describing and illustrating all known items of a suspicious nature in the field of Astrophilately. Sections are devoted to the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle, X-planes and Soviet programs as well as space stamps and First Day Covers. In addition, most items are illustrated in colour. All that is required to read the publication is Microsoft Word. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive publication available on the topic and is thus an indispensable guide for both collecters and dealers in Space covers and stamps. This inexpensive CD is available from the Space Unit. See publications page.

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lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) FAKE BAIKONUR CANCEL STORY UNCOVERED Ray E. Cartier (SU-1055)

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