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The Space Unit still has some publications in stock.
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How To Collect Space Covers - $10
Astronaut Address List - $15
The Beck Handbook of Printed Covers - $10 plus a large SASE
Astophile Back Issues (limited issues available) - a small number available for $2.50 each
US Space Stamps and Postal Stationery - $10
Astrophile Index of Articles from 1960 to 1996 (92 pages!) - $30 SASE $1.13
Study of Suspect Space Covers - The most comprehensive publication on this topic ever produced! A must have.
For non-members $14.00 postpaid to USA and Canadian addresses and $17.00 airmail to other countries. Space Unit members receive a $2 discount.
Project Apollo Space Cover Catalog - This CD holds the entire 272 page book fully illustrated in color! A must have. For non-members $14.00 postpaid to USA and Canadian addresses and $17.00 airmail to other countries. Space Unit members receive a $2 discount.
Edwards Rocketplane Cover Handbook - A guidebook to collecting covers related to the MX-324, X-1, X-2, D-558, XF-91,X-15, X-20,and lifting body rocketplanes that flew at Edwards AFB through the 1970's. Includes history, flight log, and descriptions of available covers for each of these rocketplanes. For non-members $14.00 postpaid to USA and Canadian addresses and $17.00 airmail to other countries. Space Unit members receive a $2 discount.
The Philatelic Records of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project - a CD by Dr. Victor Tan is the most comprehensive philatelic publication on the ASTP ever produced. For non-members $14.00 postpaid to USA and Canadian addresses and $17.00 airmail to other countries. Space Unit members receive a $2 discount.

Except where otherwise mentioned:
Prices include postage within the USA and Canada only. Overseas orders should add $3 to cover mailing costs.

Please make checks, bank drafts or money orders payable to 'Space Unit' in US Dollars only and mail to:

David Blog, Secretary, at
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Items Available from SU Members
Space Cover Dictionary & Identifer, Bruce Cranford (2006 Edition) - 'For the collector of space covers this publication is a great resource' Joseph Hann, Book Review, American Philatelist, February 2001. And the latest edition is even bigger and better. This invaluable reference book is available in both CD format ($15 US; $16 Overseas) and Print ($40 US; $43 Overseas), including shipping. For credit cards and Paypal orders go to

American Astrophilately, David Ball (2010) - American Astrophilately assists both beginner and advanced collectors in identifying envelopes which meet the International Philatelic Federation (FIP) guidelines for exhibition for United States material at stamp shows. Several experts have contributed articles to explain NASA Official marks, tracking ships, prime recovery ships, and why some postmarks are preferred over others. The second part shows hundreds of envelopes in full color appropriate for exhibition. The artist responsible for the cachets is also identified. The following part shows the most important part of space event covers – the postmark. Machine and hand cancels from launch, mid-mission and recovery forces are shown. Comes with a CD full of useful information. For further information including cost see:

Project Mercury Points the Way, Steve Durst (2010)
The author uses astrophilatelic items to illustrate the intriguing story of Project Mercury. A CD book, it contains over 300 pages of history, photos, covers, postcards, appendices and more in full colour, covering the historic years of Project Mercury from the first Little Joe test flight to astronaut Gordon Cooper's final Mercury flight. Advance purchase price to SU members is $25 (shipping included for US customers, shipping extra for International customers). For non-SU members the cost is $35 plus $7 shipping. Contact Steve Durst for further information or to order the CD.

Space Craft Covers. A Monograph & Catalog (2nd Edition), Charles J. Vukotich
Space Craft Covers are considered by many to be the Cadillac of the hobby, covering the "golden age" of space exploration. The first edition of this work has now become a standard reference work on astrophilately and this popular series of covers, and has long been out of print. The second edition is the complete reference book on Space Craft and Swanson designed covers. It presents many new discoveries not in the first edition, and much new Space Craft lore. The section on non-SCC Swanson covers is also greatly expanded.. There are completely new sections on Space Craft Collectibles and Swanson rubber stamp designs. The catalog section is expanded to include information on cancel types (hand or machine). Prices have been updated to reflect the latest auctions and dealer sales.
82 pages, illustrated. Delux Coil binding for easy use. Cover reproducing an early piece of space art by Carl Swanson in full color.

Price: $32 (postpaid by Priority Mail in US); $42 (by international priority mail)
Order from:
Charles J. Vukotich, Jr.,
635 Ridgefield Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15216-1161

US Space Cover Handbook, Ray Cartier (2011)
The U.S. Space Cover Collecting Handbook is now available. This 200 page spiral bound book is a standard 8 ½ X 11 size and contains over 1,100 illustrations. It is written for new as well as advanced collectors. Those who may wish to exhibit will find the tips and regulations for Astrophilately to be very helpful in raising their award level. Stratospheric balloons, rocket plane covers, precursors, manned and unmanned flights, Rockets, early covers, lunar, planetary, commercial rockets, Official Cachets, VIP cards, Captain's and Crew covers are among the items covered by this handbook. The estimated values should be a major help to collectors as well as to dealers.

Price: The black and white handbook is $25 plus $4 postage in the US and $18 postage for overseas. A CD of the handbook in color is available for $12 plus $2 postage in the US and $3.00 for overseas, from:
2509 Buffalo Dr.
Arlington, TX 76013


James G. Reichman Philatelic Study Report Series - a large range of philatelic books and study reports by Jim Reichman on various aspects of Soviet and Russian Philately. Some very important publications on areas that have not been well reported before including Tartu Space Club covers, Kniga FDCs, Baikonur postmarks, Russians on the Moon and many more. Definitely worth a look!

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