New Space Stamps 2007 - page 2

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Malawi

1 of 2 minisheets - the other showed supersonic aircraft

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Mali

Mali issued a minisheet of two stamps on 2007/02/14. One stamp featured Neil Armstrong and the minisheet shows an astronaut on the moon and the Apollo 11 mission emblem. On the same day, Mali also issued two minisheets, each containing two stamps for the 50th anniversary of Sputnik 1. One featured Sputnik 1 on one stamp and Tsiolkovski on the other (see below). The second featured Albert Einstein & Concorde. Both minisheets show Space scenes.

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Marshall Islands

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Mozambique

Mozambique issued a sheetlet of nine stamps for 10th anniversary of death of Princess Diana which includes the British Satellite Skynet in the upper left corner. Also the middle stamp shows Princess Diana with Skynet in the background.
On 2007/05/16 Mozambique also issued a minisheet containing one stamp celebrating French Presidents. The minisheet showed two French satellites, Aura and Arcad 3.

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) New Zealand

Booklet containing 6 minisheets, 5 with one stamp each and 1 with the 5 stamps

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Niue

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Romania

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Russia

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Saint Kitts

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Saint Thomas & Prince

On 2007/02/02 Saint Thomas & Prince issued a minisheet for the anniversary of J. F. Kennedy. The minisheet included Neil Armstrong and the Shuttle. It contains one stamp showing Kennedy.

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Saint Vincent Grenadines of - Bequia

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Serbia

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Spain

1 of 2 stamps issued

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Sudan

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Syria

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Ukraine

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) United Nations

All 6 stamps were issued in minisheets of 6 identical stamps similar to the above one


Personalised Sheet

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) USA

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