New Space Stamps 2006 - page 1

1 of 2 stamps

The middle stamp of a sheetlet of nine values issued on 2006-01-12 for the 2006 World Soccer Cup in Germany. A minisheet of 1 value was also issued. The stamp and the sheetlet itself show the Jules Rimet satellite. The minisheet shows the same satellite.

Issued as part of a 6 stamp sheetlet on famous aviators. Each stamp was also issued in its own minisheet.

Part of a sheetlet of 6 issued for Jules Verne Anniversary

One of 6 minisheets issued for Jules Verne Anniversary

This stamp shows Halley's comet

On 2006/03/21 St. Thomas & Prince issued a minisheet of one stamp for the 50th anniversary of the issue of Europa stamps. The stamp shows a satellite while the minisheet shows several satellites.

This Minisheet actually has embedded meteorite fragments!

Part of a set of 6 stamps issued for various anniversaries

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