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llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Australia Issues Space Personalised Stamp Sheetlet

During the ANDA Coin and Banknote Fair on 2000, October 20-22 Australia Post issued a sheetlet of 10 x 45c Map of Australia stamps in a Personalised Stamp Sheetlet based on a Space theme.

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Australia Issues New Space Stamps

On 2000, October 3 Australia issued a set of 6 x 45c stamps plus a miniature sheet (see below) which includes the 6 stamps. These were issued for Stamp Collecting Month which, this year, is based on a Space theme. Two large stamps are entitled Launch site and Spacecraft; two commemorative sized stamps are entitled Astronaut and Terrain; and two small stamps are entitled Flight Crew and Robots. The miniature sheet, which combines these stamps into a single view of 'Space Settlement' features translucent foil on the spacecraft and the astronaut's visors.

Associated products issued are a booklet of 10 self adhesive stamps, roll of 100 x 45c self adhesive stamps, 3 FDCs (one for the 6 gummed stamps, one for the miniature sheet and one for the 2 self adhesive stamps), a stamp pack and a set of six maximum cards.

As well as the special National postmarker from Launching Place Victoria, a number of other postmarks and overprinted products (see below for an example) will be available. The Space minisheet was overprinted for the 47th Annual Victorian Philatelic congress held at the ANDA show in Melbourne on 2000, October 22 (see below). Two identical overprints were produced: a white ink ovpt. which was available both at the show and by mail order and a gold foil ovpt which was only available at the show. The Space minisheet was also overprinted for Honk Kong 2001 using gold foil.

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