New Space Stamps 2011 - 2

50th Anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight

Issued in 2010

- Issued in 2010

Djibouti - One of three sheetlets issued in 2010

Madagascar - Issued in 2010 - An Imperforate Version Exists

Issued in 2011
The following scans are thanks to Mark Tukh

Central African Republic - Imperforate Versions Exist

Congo - Imperforate Versions Exist
Congo also issued a three minisheet and a sheetlet of four stamps

The Gambia





The following scan is thanks to Ed Dietz

Madagascar - Issued in 2011 - One of Four Minisheets in part 2 of 3 - Imperforate Versions Exist

Further 2011 Issues

USA - 50th anniversary of U.S. Manned Spaceflight



United Nations


San Marino



Macedonia (issued as a sheetlet of 9)






Marshall Islands

Bosnia And Herzegovina - Croatian Post



Romania - Designed by Bartos Vadim-Alex - Click for More

Sri Lanka


Mali - One of two minisheets each containing one stamp issued to celebrate 50yrs of Human Spaceflight

Antigua & Barbuda


Liberia - 3 of 4 Minisheets from Liberia


Sierra Leone - 2 of 4 sheetlets

At least 12 were issued similar to the above minisheet with different scenes and portraits of Gargarin

Mozambique - Yuri Gagarin

Mozambique - 50th anniversary of U.S. Manned Spaceflight

Mozambique - 50th anniversary of the first man in space.
From Gagarin to Armstrong and Apollo 11

Monaco - 50th anniversary of the first man in space

See also 2012 for 50th Anniversary of Manned Space Flight stamps

: On January 20 Ivory Coast issued two minisheets of one stamp each commemorating 50 years of manned spaceflight and president Kennedy.

:On April 12 the Ivory Coast issued a large number of minisheets to commemorate 50 years of manned spaceflight and NASA. One is shown below.

: On March 31 Tajikistan issued a minisheet of 2 stamps

: On April 12 Somaliland issued two sheetlets of four stamps each.

: On 2011 May 6 Ecuador issued a minisheet of one stamp

: On 2011 June 30 Mozambique issued a minisheet and a sheetlet of 6 stamps

:Two regions from the former USSR also issued stamps for the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight. These regions are not recognised as countries by the International community. They are disputed areas from the former Soviet Union which have varying degrees of autonomy. Their stamps are, at best, described as locals. They are Nagorno-Karabakh and Tranistria.

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