New Space Stamps 2010

600 Years of Prague's Astronomical Clock

RASAT Satellite R&D Project

55th Anniv. of Baikonur

75th Birth Anniversary of G. S. Titov

XVI Session on Information

Europa 2009 - Astronomy - These were issued in sheetlets of 10

Europa 2009 - Astronomy - A booklet of 4 x 2 stamps was also issued

Early Astronomers

British Astronomer John C. Adams, who predicted the location of Neptune using mathematics

Centenary of death of Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli who contributed to the research on Planet Mars and was famous for the so-called "canals" on the red planet.

150th Anniversary of the Birth of Theodor Herzl

Launching of Soyuz in Guyana

50th Anniversary of Space Flight of Belka and Strelka

400 Years of Galileo Galilei

ITU Conference

Above Two Were Issued For Space Exploration

1 of 2 Issued For Asteroids

Abkhazia Definites (4 of 19)

One from a sheetlet of 4 stamps shows a rocket launch

Astronomy & Space - 1 of 4 stamps devoted to different areas


Space Technology Day

International Year of Astronomy

Anniversary of President JFK's Inauguration and The First Manned Flight into Space

25th Anniversary of the First Mexican in Space

- Chad issued a large number of stamps and sheetlets during 2010. Some were directly related to Space while others had a less direct aspect such as a satellite in the background.
- The Congo Republic issued a sheetlet of 4 stamps to celebrate 50 years of Russian Space on the 8 November.
- Djibouti issued a 3 sheetlets on 18 May, each containing 6 stamps, featuring space shuttles, spacecraft and famous astronomers. They also issued a sheetlet of 9 stamps on 1 October showing various spacecraft & the concorde. Also issued on the 1st was a sheetlet of two stamps featuring famous scouts, Neil Armstrong and Marc Garneau.
- Iran issued 4 se-tenent stamps on 24 Feb 2010 to celebrate 2009 International Year of Astronomy.

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