Space Stamps 2005

Jules Verne

A number of countries issued stamps for the Anniversary of Jules Verne. Many had a Space theme as well as a fantasy theme. Some are illustrated below. All know issues are listed below. See

Congo-Kinshasa—10 January
Liberia—11 January
São Tomé & Príncipe—11 January
Rômania—29 March
Rômania—18 April
Congo-Brazzaville—21 April
St. Kitts—11 May
Djibouti—12 May
Tanzania—16 May
France—28 May
Poland—1 June
Rwanda—2 June
Sierra Leone—7 June
Micronesia—7 June
Palau—7 June
St. Vincent & the Grenadines—7 June
Antigua & Barbuda—15 June
Nevis—17 June
Grenada—11 July
The Gambia—12 July
Guyana—12 August
Dominica—7 September
Gabon—14 October
San Marino—17 November
Côte d’Ivoire—22 November
Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Kyrgyzstan—15 December

One of 8 sheetlets & minisheets issued for 100th Anniversary of Rotary - two included space related stamps - some had space related themes as part of the minisheet

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