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Q1998-001-00 From : Ray E. Cartier - I have been trying to find out the approximate date when a Chinese named Wan Pou tried to launch himself atop several rockets. I believe that it was about 1100 AD, but have a stamp claiming 3000 BC. Does anyone know the correct Date?

A 1998-001-01 From: Ross J Smith - If this represents real events and not just fantasy, it could not have happen before the 10th century AD as 'the invention of rockets is linked inextricably to the invention of "black powder". Most historians of technology credit the Chinese with its discovery ........ sometime in the 10th century.' The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space, Cambridge University Press, English Edition, 1990

A 1998-001-02 From: Ray E. Cartier - China's Great Invention 1200 AD --- They were invented most likely by the Chinese in the thirteenth century. The early Chinese rockets were essentially arrows with a small rocket tube attached to the side. They had a range of about 200 meters. --- Around 1800, in India, the Prince of Mysore bombarded the English with 12-pound rockets made of iron. This spurred the English to create the British Rocket Corps and brought rockets to the attention of the West. Copyright 1997 Knowledge Adventure, Inc.

A 1998-001-03 From: Mark Bloom - "Year 222 AD - Gunpowder will be invented in the next half century by Chinese alchemists of the Wu dynasty who will mix sulfur and saltpeter in the correct proportions and at the correct temperature to produce the explosive." The People's Chronology edited by James Trager 1979 pp. 43.

Q1998-002-00 From : Don Hillger - I'm interested in an Australian 'stamp' that shows a kangaroo crossing sign and some xx km distance and a bird sitting on the sign. I'm interested in the km sign, not the bird. I put the word 'stamp' in quotes, because the one I have looks like it was cut out of a stamped envelope, or possibly an aerogramme. It also appears to be a more recent issue. Can anyone please identify this 'stamp'.

Q1998-003-00 From : Walter M. Hopferwieser- I still have questions on 10/15/1939 Cuba rocket mail. Is there any way to start a discussion with anybody knowing details on this flight, the 10 Cents overprinted stamps (do imperforated items exist?) or Cuban postal rules of this time?

Q1998-004-00 From : Ed Black asks Has there ever been a catalog produced exclusively for "Space City Cover Society" covers, and if so, how would I obtain a copy of same?

Q1998-005-00 From : Robert Glass ( is looking for good clean zerox copies of the USS Lake Champlain covers dated May 5, 1961 Prime recovery ship for the flight of Alan Shepard. He is atempting to put together a booklet with copies of all known examples of this rare cover.

Bob Glass
963 Blvd East
Weehawken, N.J. 07087

Q1998-005-00 From : Archie S. McKee S.U. #3893 ( asks Is there a source out there for addresses for launches? I don't mean commercial addresses like Lollini, and Rodman, but more like local philatelic clubs that issue covers for launches / events?
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