Space Related Postmarks 2000-2001 -  See Also Scans of Postmarks
(Note that dates are in the format of the country of orgin of the postmark)

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) USA Postmarkers
A new illustrated handstamp device is in use at Edwards. It shows a landing
space shuttle and a fighter aircraft (F22?). The first I have seen this
device used is on the landing covers for STS-100 dated May 1st, 2001.

Seward, NE 68434-9998;
"4th of July Station 2001 A Space Odyssee Freedom is Our Future"

Il. : Planet Saturn, Stars

Send to: USPS Postmaster, 4th of July Station, 507 Main St., Seward, NE
68434-9998, USA.

Hunt Valley, MD 21031,

"Farewell Voyager Station SL-23"

Ill.: Drawing of spacecraft Voyager.

Send covers to:
Farewell Voyager Station SL23, 115 Wight Ave., Cockeysville, MD 21030-9998,

Cacheted coverst: 3 different „Major Guest Stars" for $5.95; 6 different
"Major and Minor Guest Stars" for $11.00, always add SASe. Contact: Dwight
Eaves, P.O. Box 76, Whitemarsh, MD 21162-0076, USA. E-mail:
Payment in cash, US check or paypal.

Earlier show cancels on the following webpage:

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Italian Postmarker
There was a special postmarker used in Marenello, Italy, for the visit of
the STS-100 crew in this town:

26.6.01: 41053 Maranello (MO);

"Visita dell‘Equipaggio dello Shuttle STS-100"

Ill. Space Shuttle, seen from above.

Send your stamped covers no later than 22.8.01: Poste Italiane, Servizio
Commerciale delle Filiale, Via Emilia 86, I-41100 Modena, Italy.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) German Postmarker
Special postmarker "55 Jahre Sternwarte Bochum 1946-2001 Wiederöffnung
RADOM Technisches Kulturdenkmal"; (55th Anniversary Bochum
Observatory/Re.Opening of RADOM - Technical Monument)

Ill.: Parabolic mirror

Send your covers to:
Deutsche Post AG,
NL Filialen,
44129 Dortmund.
Postage to US DM 2/Surface, DM 3/priority

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) A Romanian Postmark
14.5.01: 6600 Iasi 7;

"20 de ani de la Zborul Primului Roman in Spatiul cosmic Dumitru Dorin
Prunariu Soiuz 40 - Saliut 6"
(20th Anniversary 1st Romanian in space/Soyuz 40/Salyut 6/Dumitru Dorin

: portrait of Prunariu, a Soyuz rocket at launch, space station Salyut
6, landing apparatus with parachutes

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Two USA Postmarks
31.5.-3.6.01: Centralia, MO 65240-9998;

"Centralia Anchor Festival 2001 Station Anchored in the Future"

.: astronaut in spacesuit, holding a small flag, on the Moon; a space
shuttle connected to Planet Earth with a rope.

Send your covers to:
Centralia Anchor Festival 2001 Station,
USPS Postmaster,
104 W. Sneed,
Centralia, MO 65240-9998,

2.-3.6.01: Huntsville, AL 35801-9813;

"Huntspex Station International Space Station Activation"

: map of Alabama (the same every year ..)

Send your covers to:
USPS, Huntspex Station,
3408 Wall Triana Hwy.,
Huntsville, AL 35813-9813,

There are cacheted covers for each day of the show at $1.50 ea. plus SASE.
Huntsville Philatelic Club,
Heinrich Hahn,
P. O. Box 4395,
Huntsville AL 35815-4385,

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Australian Permanent Postmark:
from June 5, 2001: Narrabri, NSW 2390;
Permanent pictorial postmarker: "National Telescope Facility"

Send your covers to: Postal Manager, Narrabri, NSW 2390, Australia.

Further information on the National Telescope Facility:

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) MIR splashdown:
There was a semi-official cachet used at the Russian control center at
Korolyov near Moscow, sponsored by RKK Energiya, the country's largest
space enterprise.

The cachet shows a symbolic representation of the splashdown, the text
"23.3.2001 Last Day of manned orbital complex MIR - Russia" (in Russian)
and the names of all cosmonauts and astronauts who visited MIR in miniature
characters around the symbol. According to local sources, visitors of the
control center had to pay $1 as fee for cacheting. The cachet was designed
by Mr. Gaikin, who designs most of the country's space postmarkers and

Equally, there seems to have been used a special postmarker at Baikonur
Cosmodrome. I have not seen any image yet.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) .... in his hometown:
May 5, 2001: Derry, NH 03038;
Alan B.Shepard, Jr.Station 40th Anniversary Flight Into Space May 5 2001
Renaming of the Derry Post Office to Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Post Office
Ill.: stars

Send covers to:
USPS Postmaster,
Alan B. Shepard Jr. Station,
955 Goffs Falls Road,
Manchester, NH 03103-9996

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Two USA Postmarks
21.4.01: Ridgewood, NY 11385-9998;
„Space Unit Station 30th Anniversary Apollo 15"
Ill.: aircraft carrier Iwo Jima, Lunar Landing Module
USPS Postmaster,
Space Unit Station,
6060 Myrtle Ave.,
Ridgewood, NY 11385-9998,

cacheted covers at $1.50 ea. + SASE from: Sam Stein, 3353 Oceanside Road,
Oceanside NY 11572, USA.

4.-6.5.01: Boxborough, MA 01719-9998;
„Philatelic Show Station 2001: A Philatelic Odyssey"
Ill.: rocket, space capsule with 3 parachutes at splashdown, parts of the
Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean and the America's
Philatelic Show Station,
Seven Post Office Square,
Acton, MA 01720-9998

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) The JPL Stamp Club will have cacheted covers for the Mars Odyssey Mission available for this launch. We will also service covers for those who prefer to do their own. Send requests to

Dr James Rose MS 301-420
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Dr
Pasadena CA 91109

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) German postmarker.

12.4.01: 02977 Hoyerswerda 1/Wojerecy 1;

special postmarker: „40. Jahrestag 1. Mensch im Kosmos Ausstellung
Gagarinbriefe im Schloss" (40th Anniversary 1st Man in Space Exhibition:
Gagarin letters in the castle
Ill.: Portrait Gagarin in spaceflight, Vostok rocket

Send your stamped covers (up to 20 g: DM 2/surface, DM 3/airmail) to:
Deutsche Post,
NL Filialen Dresden,
Postfach 16 01 00,
01287 Dresden.

There are cacheted covers and stationery postcards/covers available from
the organisers:
1. cacheted stationery postcard mint/with special postmarker at DM 4 ea.
2. cacheted stationery postcard with red slogan cancel and special
postmarker at DM 4 ea.
3. cacheted postcard with red slogan cancel at DM 3 ea.
4. label mint/with special postmarker at DM 3 ea.
add postage to all prices.
Contact: Ralf Schulz, Postfach 1219, 02962 Hoyerswerda

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Italian postmarker.
22.4.01: 13044 Crescentino (VC);

special postmarker: „Quarantesimo Primo Uomo nello Spazio" (40th
Anniversary Man in Space)
ill: stil. portrait of Gagarin with cosmonaut helmet,

Send in your covers no later than 15th May 2001:
Ufficio delle poste,
Referente per la Filatelia,
Via F.lli Ponti, 9,
13100 Vercelli,

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Two special postmarkers in the UK.
There are cacheted covers available for the "ASTP" anniversary special
postmarker at Dearborn Heights:

10.-11.3.01: Dearborn Heights, MI 48127-9998;
„Michipex Station 25th Anniversary Apolo Soyuz Linkup"

Mail your covers to:
Michipex Station, USPS Postmaster, Attn.: Mike Noon, 26200 Ford Road,
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127-9998, USA.

cacheted covers: 2 different color versions for $3 together, plus SASE.
Michigan Stamp Club,
Robert F. Rinke,
51307 Central Village Road, Apt. 204,
New Baltimore, MI 48047-1350

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Two special postmarkers in the UK.

12.4.01: Leicester;
special postmarker n° 7318 „40th Anniversary First Man in Space"
illustration: head with cosmonaut helmet.

Send your stamped covers plus return envelope to:
Midland SHC,
Royal Mail,
St. Stephens Street,
Birmingham, B6 4AA,
United Kingdom.

22.1.2001-21.1.2002: London WC1;
special postmarker n° 7232 „Cosmo Place Reach for the Sky"
illustration: planet Saturn, stars, toilet booth,

Send your stamped cover plus return envelope to:
London SHC, Royal Mail,
Mount Pleasant,
Farringdon Road,
London EC1A 1BB,
United Kingdom.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Two cancels listed in the March 22 edition of the USPS Bulletin:

ODYSSEY STATION (April 7-20, 2001)

cancel shows the Mars Orbiter, and may be ordered from:

Odyssey Station
870 Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105-9998

31.3.-1.4.01: Park Forest, IL 60466-9998;
Parforex Station 40 Years of Parforex 1961-2001"
ill.: chinese early powder rocket

Parforex Station,
P.O. Box 9998,
Park Forest, IL 60466-9998

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) Two cancels listed in the February 22 edition of the Bulletin:

1. SPACE 2001 STATION - DATE USED: 02-25-01
29 Valley Dr
Greenwich CT 06831-9998

Depicts the photo of Aldrin taken by Armstrong on the Moon, and wording to the right of the illustration is:

SPACE 2001:
To the Moon and Beyond
Bruce Museum Station
Greenwich CT 06830

2. KNOXPEX STATION - March 3-4, 2001
1237 E Weisgarber Rd
Knoxville, TN 37950-9998

Depicts a ringed circle (ala Saturn), with the wording inside the circle of:
March x, 2001
Knoxville TN 37950

To the right of the illustration are the words surrounded in a field of stars:
A Space Stamp

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) From the November 2, 2000 Postal Bulletin...

PO Box 9998
Lake Geneva, WI 53147-9998

Postmark is as follows: Two parts, left and right--

Left (in a circle)
WALCOPEX 2000 STATION (inside and around the top)
Nov 4, 2000 (center of circle)
LAKE GENEVA, WI 53147 (inside and around the bottom)

To the right appears a sketch of the HST deployed in space.

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) From the latest edition of the USPS BULLETIN
As of 10-05-2000, all USPS Offices are authorized to sell the above
issues over the counter.

2. PICTORIAL CANCEL - OCTOBER 28 and 29, 2000

WOOSTER, OH 44691-9998

Cancel shows an overview of a shuttle in orbit with its cargo bay
doors open (shuttle pointing to right side), and is to the right of a
bullseye type cancel with the wording inside of:

OCT 28

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) From the October 5, 2000 Postal Bulletin...

This weeks release of the USPS Bulletin depicts at least
six (6) pictorial cancels featuring space/shuttle themes.
Also depicted is the USPS cancel for STS-92 - the 100th US Shuttle
Mission - Titusville FL.
You may access the site at the below link (NOTE: You must have an
Adobe reader to view the release as it is in pdf form).

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) From the September 7, 2000 Potal Bulletin (Page 63)...

Sand Point Park Station
Spacefest 2000
PO Box 9998
Titusville, FL 32780-9998

Postmark Used From: Sept 8 to 10, 2000
Depiction:Shuttle in Orbit with Earth in Background (shuttle nose right, about a 30 degree angle)

America's (above the earth)
Spacefest (Below shuttle, across bottom of earth)
2000 (in shuttle cargo bay)
Sand Point Park Station (below Spacefest, right half)
Titusville FL 32780 (Below the above)

date: between the shuttle and above Spacefest and to the right of the date are four killer bars

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) 1. Two pictorial cancels were announced in the August 24 edition
of the Postal Bulletin
. They are:

SENECA FALLS, NY 13146-9998

cancel depicts the following:
Conestoga Wagon pulled by horse, a barn, and on the
right side of the barn, a stacked shuttle configuration.

Wording states: Farming into the future.....and beyond

3900 CROWN RD - RM 219
ATLANTA, GA 30304-9998

cancel depicts the following:
Shuttle in orbit

Wording states:
AUGUST 26, 2000

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) The Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta OH has issued a single design cachet commemorating the 31st anniversary of Apollo XI lunar landing, as well as Ohio's
other astronauts. The museum has apparently affixed at least 15 different varieties
of stamps to make a set of covers. It is believedthat all of these varieties are in stock at their gift shop, EXCEPT for the recently issued $1 WSE 2000 hologram, which is sold out.

a. $1 round space hologram - SOLD OUT??
b. $2.40 priority stamp
c. .29 lunar landing from sheetlet and .04 Mercury stamp
d. set of five depicting single issues of the Hubble images stamps
e. .29 lunar landing from sheetlet with two attached .02 stamps
f. set of six depicting the WSE 2000 .60 issues

The museum has a toll free phone: 1.800.860.0142 (ask for gift shop),
or by mail:

Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
POB 1978
500 South Apollo Drive
Wapakoneta, OH 45895-0978

lpnkball.gif (1115 bytes) The following cancels are listed in the Postal Bulletin (#22028) 07-13-00

1. July 5, 2000 (Page 73)
Edwin Hubble Station
Window Unit
401 Franklin St
Houston, TX 77201

2. July 6, 2000 (Page 73)
Solar Study Station
Window Unit
401 Franklin St
Houston, TX 77201

3. July 8 - August 15, 2000 (Page 74)
Solar Study Station
870 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105-9998

4. July 10, 2000 (Page 74)
Mount Wilson Station
870 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105-9998

5. July 24, 2000 (Page 80)
Bumper 8 50th Anniversary Station
J Mike Carroll
8700 Astronaut Blvd
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-9998

Note : Some of these announcements come from the SU_Members group on Egroups



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