Space Postmarks 2008

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) The official USPS-approved design for the commemorative cancellation to be used at the Cape Canaveral postal station for Explorer 1's anniversary on January 31.

Collectors can send in their own covers to this address (corrected 2008 Feb 26):

USPS Postmaster
1st US Satellite Launch Station
8700 Astronaut Blvd.
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-9998
Jürgen P Esders

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) 20.1.08: Wapakoneta, OH 48895;
Pictorial postmarker “175th Anniversary Station/To the Moon and Beyond”

Ill.: stylized presentation of the Moon.

Send your covers to:
USPS Postmaster
Wapakoneta 175th Anniversary Station
12 Willipie St.
Wapakoneta, OH 48895-9998
Jürgen P Esders

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) 31.1.08: Madrid: "Primer Encuentro Nacional de Astrofilatelia, 50 Aniversario del Explorer-1" (1st National Astrophilately Meeting - 50th Anniversary Explorer 1)

Send your stamped covers to:
Dirección de Filatelia
CCP Chamartín
c/ Hiedra, s/n
28070 Madrid

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Two New German Postmarks

1) There will be a so-called Absenderstempel similar to a Mailer Postmark Permit type of cancel in Germany for the launch of the European-built transporter to the International Space Station.
The cancel will be used at the town of Wessling on the day of launch, currently scheduled for 8 March 2008.

The postmarker shows the ATV "Jules Verne" space freighter, the Ariane V launcher and an image of the ISS.

Contact: Ralf Schulz, Postfach 1219, 02962 Hoyerswerda, Germany.

2) A Mailer's Postmark Permit like cancellation will be used in Germany on the occasion of the upcoming shuttle mission, STS-122.
The cancellation will be used on launch day in the city of Wessling, the location of ESA's Columbus Control Centre that will control the European experiments in the Columbus module.

The illustration shows a space shuttle with the external tanks and a graphical design of the Columbus module.

For cacheted covers, please contact
Ralf Schulz
PSF 1219
02962 Hoyerswerda

I have additional information on this postmarker:

* Ralf Schulz is selling cacheted covers with this cancel at 2 Euro plus postage. The cachet shows a portrait of Hans Schlegel.

* Schulz also services stamped and addressed covers (no cardboard stiffeners please - will add his own) for a servicing fee of 50c, both for launch and docking of the mission.

For both, please use the address mentioned in the initial message.
Jürgen P Esders

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Three New German Postmarks

Three postmark meter permit type of pictorial postmarkers will be produced in Germny in the coming week:

3.4.08: 82234 Wessling: "Kopplung ATV mit der ISS" (Docking of ATV with the ISS; Ill.: Ariane V, ISS, ATV “Jules Verne”

12.4.08: 85748 Garching: "50. Tag der Kosmonautik - Sojus TMA-12 - Wolkow - Kononjenk - Yi" (50th Cosmonautics Day - Soyuz TMA-12 Volkov Kononenko - Yi); Ill.: Expedition 17 mission patch

8.5.08 (First Day of issue of the joint Europa stamps in Germany): 85748 Garching: "Europamarken 2008 “Briefe verbinden”" (Europe Stamps - common motto "Letters connect"; Ill.: Cosmic mail cover Soyuz TM-14.

Covers are 2 Euro ea. (plus postage) from: Ralf Schulz, PSF 1219, 02962 Hoyerswerda, Germany.
Jürgen P Esders


llblball.gif (1031 bytes) New US Postmark

Pictorial postmarker
29-30 March 2008
Lexington Stamp Show Station
50 Years in Space

Ill.: a stylized astronaut.

Send your stamped covers to:
USPS Postmaster
Lexington Stamp Show Station
P.O. Box 9998
Lexington, KY 40511-9998
Jürgen P Esders


llblball.gif (1031 bytes) FDI Postmarks from Belarus & Kazakhstan

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) New US Postmark
12.4.08: Wilmington, DE 19803-9998;

“Delpex Station/50 Years of American Space Achievement”

Send your covers to:
USPS Postmaster,
Delpex Station,
P.O. Box 7500,
Wilmington, DE 19803-9998,
Jürgen P Esders
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) A New German Postmark
A pictorial postmarker is to be used at the town of Strausberg (near Berlin) to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of German manned spaceflight. This refers to the spaceflight of the 1st German cosmonaut, Sigmund Jähn. Jähn lives in the town.

12.6.08: 15344 Strausberg;

Pictorial postmarker Nr. 08/143
“30 Jahre bemannte deutsche Raumfahrt/Interkosmos/ESA” (30 Years of German Manned Spaceflight)

Ill.: ESA and Intercosmos symbols.

Send your stamped covers within 28 days of the cancellation date to this address:
Deutsche Post AG,
Niederlassung Brief,
10770 Berlin

A mobile service team of Deutsche Post will be on location between 10 am and 5 pm. Address:
Grundschule (primary school), Am Annatal 64, 15344 Strausberg.
Jürgen P Esders
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) A New US Postmark
Pictorial postmarker: 10.5.08: Greenbelt, MD 20770-9998;

“Aura Mission Satellite Station/NASA Visitor Center/Earth Observation System Focus on Ozone Pollution”

Send your stamped covers to:
USPS Postmaster
Aura Mission Satellite Station
7600 Ora Glen Dr.
Greenbelt, MD 20770-9998
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Four US Postmarks
a) 6 + 8.6.08: McMinnville, OR 97128-9998; "Space Station Evergreen Space Museum Launch/Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum"

Ill.: Museum logo, Explorer rocket

Send your covers to: USPS Postmaster, Space Station, Postmaster/Philatelic Services, 650 E 2nd St., McMinnville, OR 97128-9998, USA.

For more on this event, see: Evergreen Space Museum (Oregon)

b) 7.-8.08: Huntsville, AL 35801-9998; "Huntspex Station/1958-2008 50th Anniversary NASA"

Ill.: sketch of the state of Alabama.

Send your covers to: USPS Postmaster, Huntspex Station, 3408 Wall Triana Hwy., Huntsville, AL 35801-9998, USA. Cacheted covers for $1.25 plus SASE from: Huntsville Philatelic Club, P.O.Box 4395, Huntsville, AL 35815-4385, USA;

For further information, visit this site:

c) 13.6.08: Clackamas, OR 97015-9998; "NTSS 08 Station 50th Anniversary of US Space Exploration"

Ill.: Astronaut wearing a lunar space suit; Earth with Moon in the background.

Send your covers to: USPS Postmaster, NTSS 08 Station, P.O. Box 9998, Clackamas, OR 97015-9998, USA. Note: there are also other non-space postmarkers used on this occasion. Better precisely describe the postmarker you want or join the image.

d) 16.6.08: Cambridge, OH 43725;
"John Glenn Building Dedication Station"

Ill.: John Glenn portrait, US flag.

Send your covers to: USPS Postmaster, John Glenn Building Dedication Station, 957 Wheeling Avenue, Cambridge, OH 43216-9653, USA.

For more on this event, see: John Herschel Glenn Jr. Post Office Building
Jürgen P Esders
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) A US Postmark
3 and 4 July 2008:
Fairborn, OH 45324;

“Colonel Gregory H. Johnson Station Fairborn Graduate Space Shuttle Astronaut”

Ill.: Space Shuttle “Endeavour”, flight path of a stylized jet aircraft; silhouettes of three trees.

Send your stamped covers to:
USPS Postmaster,
Gregory H. Johnson Station,
67 W Hebble Ave.,
Fairborn, OH 45324-9998,

Note: Johnson was pilot on STS-123.
Jürgen P Esders
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) Two European Postmarks
a) A pictorial postmarker in Austria:
28 June 08 3950 Gmünd;

Text: “100 Jahre Tunguska Meteorfall 1908-2008 GWF” (100 Years Fall of the Tunguska Meteorite)

Image: Meteor above stilized row of trees.

Send your stamped covers within 14 days of the event to this address.
Österreichische Post AG, Zentrale Stempelstelle - Philatelie, Fleischmarkt 19, 1010 Wien, Austria.

b) A pictorial postmarker in France:

31.5.-8.6.08: 80000 Amiens (Picardie);

“69. Foire Exposition Picardie L’Espace de Jules Verne à la Planète Mars” (69th Fair of the Picardie Region - Space - From Jules Verne to Planet Mars)

Image: headshot of Jules Verne, looking up to Planet Mars.

Send your stamped covers within 8 weeks of the event to:
Monsieur le Receveur,
La Poste,
Direction départementale,
26 rue Jules Lefèbvre,
80000 Amiens (Somme),

The organizing stamp club might have cacheted covers and cards:
Groupement Philatélique Picard, M. Caruelle, 290 rue Saint-Fuscien, La Clairière N8, 80090 Amiens, France.
Jürgen P Esders
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) A Russian FDI Postmark

llblball.gif (1031 bytes) An Italian Postmark
Date: 13.12.08

Place: 62027 San Severino Marche (MC);

Pictorial postmarker Nr. 1879 “50° di Fondazione Istituto Technico Industriale Statale “E. Divini”“ ("50 Years of the State School for Industrial Technology named after Eustachio Divini").

Ill.: Italian astronomer and telescope builder Eustachio Divini with a telescope, a globe and a book.

Send your stamped covers to:
Poste Italiane,
Servizio Commerciale/Filatelia,
Filiale di Macerata,
Piazza Oberdan 2,
62100 Macerata,
Jürgen P Esders
llblball.gif (1031 bytes) An American Postmark
There's a postmark coming out on December 13th for Cape Canaveral's 50th anniversary.

Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-9998;

Pictorial postmarker “Cape Canaveral 50th Anniversary Station”

Ill.: Squirrel monkey “Gordo”, “Bioflight 1" rocket

Send your stamped covers to this address:
USPS Postmaster,
Cape Canaveral 50th Anniversary Station, P.O. Box 9998,
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-9998,

Jim Roth and Jürgen P Esders

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