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M11001 - Eugene Mszar (SU4651) - I am a member of the Springfield (VA) Stamp Club and our annual show, SPRINGPEX 2011 is quickly approaching. The dates are March 5 and 6, 2011 at the Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield, Virginia. Although not a qualifier for the APS “Champion of Champions” competition, SPRINGPEX is one of the best attended shows in the Washington, DC area. We use APS accredited judges. Exhibits first shown at SPRINGPEX have gone on to win awards at APS qualifying shows and even a gold award at the International level. Several Space Unit members have shown at SPRINGPEX with success including Steve Durst, Dennis Dillman, John Macco, and myself. This year we have had a very poor response to exhibitors and I have been asked by our Exhibits Chairman, Chris Loesch, to reach out for interested exhibitors. Frames are $5/frame; a single frame is $7. If you would like to exhibit, please contact Chris directly at 703.525.0840 or for an application. Also, feel free to contact Steve, Dennis, John or me if you have any questions regarding SPRINGPEX 2011.


M10001 - From Jim Roth (SU4694) - Renowned Astrophilatelist Beatrice Bachman has put up for sale her astounding Astrophilately LG (Championship) exhibit with the Rapp Auction of Switzerland this June since it was the only auction house that was fascinated and proud to be able to offer the entire exhibit. It features a massive amount of Rocket Mail and Early Spaceflight covers that are just gorgeous. Follow this link to the Rapp website: where the entry Astrophilatelie B. Bachmann, Lot 2203 can be found in the list of catalogue lots. Clicking on the link will open a PDF of the entire 128 pages on-line.

M09001 - Gerard Spenkelink (SU4679) is interested in covers from the Apollo 8 mission. If anyone has such covers for trade or sale, Gerard can be contacted at

M07001 - (modified on 2007 Sept 12) Mr. Dennis Dillman (SU3324) - I was the lucky winner of a very large lot of Space Craft Cachets in a recent auction. I have a ton of duplicates (including early SCC's), cancel varieties, and some errors. Will sell covers at one-half the Vukotich catalog value. Please send me your SCC want list by e-mail and we'll see what holes I can fill in your SCC collection!

I also got a lot of Velvet flocked cachets that Bob Rank issued in numbers of around 50 for many space events in the 1960's. These are some of the most sought after cachets in the astrophilatelic world. Rank also issued some printed and silkscreened cachets with the same design as his flocked cachets. I have about 140 different Velvets and printed/silkscreened variants for sale. Please e-mail me for a price list.

Dennis Dillman
SU #3324


M06002 - Mr. XiaoHong SU#4732. I'm a well-known astrophilatelic collector in China. I'm an astrophilatelic Guideing Work Group member of Philatelic Exhibition Commission of the ACPF(All- China Philatelic Federation) . I am also a standing council member of China Space Philatelist Fraternity. I collect all China-related astro-philatelic items issued outside China and a lot of other things. I have more china launching, tracking and controling covers of manned and unmanned ShenZhou spaceship and various satellites for sale or exchange. I can offer China astro-philatelic items in great variety. I have some China flown covers carried by recoverable satellites and ShenZhou-1, 2,3, 4 unmanned spaceship and ShenZhou-5, 6 manned spaceship for sell, and I can offer some photos and space covers signed by Chinese astronauts. Please contact with me if you are interested in them.
Another area I'm looking for are some covers and postcards mailed from Germany in 1939-1944 and WWII Propaganda Leaflets related of V2/A4 rocket. Does anybody know where I can get them ?? I need some for my astrophilatelic exhibit.
About the ShenZhou-6 manned spaceship flown cover , which was issued by "China Manned Space Engineering Office" ,which was named "commemorative piggyback on the spaceflight in china's second manned spaceflight mission". It's very rare and valuableness . If someone wants to buy one in earnest, please contact with me. I can send you some images of the flown cover .
I hope to hear a new messages from everybody.
Best regards.
Yours Chinese friend.

For details please see /my Website at
or contact me by Email at: and
or mail your letter to
Mr. XiaoHong
7-C-501,WenHeng Garden
ChangZhou City, JiangSu Province, ,
P. R. China.

M06001 - Mr. XiaoHong SU#4732. A new book named "Felected works of China awarded astro-philatelic Exhibits" was issued by the "China Space Philatelist Fraterinty" this month. Includes ten awarded astro-philatelic exhibits with white-black photos in 212 pages. For sale at Euro.30.00 (include postage) each book. I can show you some images of this book if you are interested. Contact me at:.

7-C-501,WenHeng Garden
ChangZhou City,JiangSu P.R.China 213003

M05001 - John Macco SU#1457 on behalf of Chris Calle -
My name is Chris Calle, my father Paul is the designer of the 10c 1969 First
Man on the Moon stamp. I am the designer of the 2.40 priority mail stamp of
1989 celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Moon Landing and dad and I jointly
designed the 29c and 9.95 express mail stamps in 1994 celebrating the 25th
Anniversary of Man's First Moon Landing.

I am putting together an exhibit of the moon Landing stamps from 1969 thru
1994 for STAMPSHOW, the American Philatelic Society show being held in Grand
Rapids Michigan this coming August. My exhibit includes original sketches for
all the stamp designs, First Day Ceremony programs, photos, FDC's, etc...
I wish to include as many different FDC;'s as I can find. The area I am having a
very difficult time locating is actual commercial usages of the stamps on mail.
Any help with these items would be greatly appreciated.

Could Space Unit members with knowledge of FDCs or commercial usages of these
stamps please contact Chris at .

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