Automated Transfer Vehicle to take off in February

By Jürgen Peter Esders, International Director, Europe


In the 2nd half of February, the European Space Agency will launch the first of its Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV), “Jules Verne”. “Jules Verne” will be launched on an Ariane V rocket from the launch base at Kourou in French Guyana. The spacecraft will complement the Russian Progress as a freighter to the International Space Station.


Collectors documenting the International Space Station will want to obtain covers for this launch. Several associations, usually associated with European space institutions and companies, are issuing covers for Ariane launches. The following list tries to document most of the sources for printed space covers for Ariane:


Club Philatélique du CSG

Michel Vasse

B.P. 306

97378 Kourou Cedex

Guyane Française/French Guyana

Local servicer and stamp dealer.


Provides rubber stamp cachets on appropriately stamped and addressed covers. No fee. May take long.


Also sells printed covers.


Association Philatélique Arianespace

M. J-P Lespayandel

La Rudie

16350 Champagne-Mouton


Stamp club of Ariane’s mother company, Arianespace.

Printed covers for €2.50 ea., plus postage

Association Philatélique du CNES

18 Avenue Edouard Belin

31401 Toulouse Cedex 9


French space agency CNES. Note that Toulouse maintains the control center for ATV.

Produces folders of 2 to 3 covers for each Ariane flight (€6.80 for a folder of 3)

Association Philatélique du CE Snecma Propulsion Solide

Les 5 chemins

33187 Le Haillan Cedex


Formerly called SEP, the company produces the solid combustibles for Ariane.

Club membership required (annuel fee €9), covers are €2.70 ea.


Dieter Cordssen

Pappelstrasse 9

28857 Syke



EADS Bremen (formerly ERNO) built the European Columbus module


Covers with printed photo cachets for €2 ea. Olus postage

Editions Philatéliques Européennes

Jean-Luc Staedel

BP 30253

67007 Strasbourg



French stamp dealer located in the building of the European Parliament at Strasbourg. Offers nicely illustrated cacheted covers at €6 ea.

Espace Lollini

3 Av. Michel de Cimiez

Villa Cimarosa

06000 Nice, France


French space dealer. Ariane covers are €5 ea.