Charpex-2006 Exhibit Critique

An exhibit should be self contained to the extent possible. In other words, it should contain all the information that is needed for the viewer (let alone the judge) to understand it. This is a problem. You need as part of your introduction to the subject a date list of the significant events leading to the flight, and the significant events of the flight itself. This then defines what should be in the exhibit, and you can make the affirmative statement that you have covered all the needed bases. You can then divide that list into a series of chapters which you can carry forward in labeling the pages of the exhibit. This would provide a roadmap for the viewer, and make the exhibit much easier to follow.
Other comments: There is much wasted space- single cover pages. Where that is essential, center the covers and information so it does not look like you are waiting to obtain another cover to fill a gap. It is nearly impossible to tell what you have that is really tough to get without you providing information. Keep in mind that it is the task of exhibitors to come up with answers to the questions that your material raises. Look at the pages as if you were new to the subject, and ask yourself what the material means/signifies. What is special about it? How does it fit into the story you are telling? (Why does it belong in the exhibit?) If you don't see an obvious answer on the page, you need to think about how you can answer the question, and how to get the answer onto the page. There will be questions to which you don't have the answer but that does not mean you can ignore the answer. Exhibiting means that you become a student of, not just a reflector of, the story. You need to define what you know you do not know and then embark on an effort to find out what you can so that the exhibit reflects comprehensive knowledge on your subject.
I would suggest that you put your autograph keys consistently in the order of the autographs. That you find a way to highlight your best material. Consider adding a mini-study of the Apollo-Soyuz stamps and that you look to replace covers with weak cachets with stronger ones where you can. Also, that you note what exists in the world's issues that recognize Apollo-Soyuz so that one can reach a conclusion of how complete your showing is.

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