Charpex 2010 Exhibit Critique

(1) As you expanded the exhibit, the title needs to change. I would suggest "The Apollo-Soyuz Missions: Testing, Flight and International Recognition." This gives you three clearly identifiable Chapters. Title page is sparse and says nothing about the philately involved. What is the challenge? What is the scope of what you are attempting? How complete a job have you done in fulfilling the promise of your subject? This could be addressed in title page or synopsis.
(2) Impression is that basic knowledge is present but story of how especially the testing covers were made, distributed, autographed, etc. is not given.
(3) need more covers that went through the mails.
(4) Fewer one cover pages desirable, makes it look like you are stretching material to fill frames. On those pages where one cover is appropriate, center the cover and write-up so exhibit is neat.

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