Charpex 2009 Exhibit Critique

Plan is ok, but it would be better if it actually matched the pages.

Earlier material of a thematic nature should be available. The NASA website has a 500 page history of ASTP with much information on the 1959-71 period that precedes your first item.

Try to find covers that went through the mails. A study of the varieties on the stamps would add interest. The ultimate challenge is an Apollo-15 moon cover. The incident was the reason why Jack Swigert was removed from the ASTP crew. Thus the tie-in (big$$)

Too many pages with only one cover. Exhibit can be "tightened up" but try to avoid "railroad tracks" look. The white pages do not show off the mostly white covers very well. Using a gray or buff pages would be best but you could also mat the covers on a dark background. It is not necessary to repeat "ASTP" on each page.

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