Southeastern Stamp show 2006 Exhibit Critique

The subject is a great story; important for technical, logistical and political reasons.
The exhibit is a kind of a cross between astrophilately and illustrated mail (event covers). You have some very nice material up to the worldwide commemorations. The world-wide commemorative covers at least most of them have little to no relationship to the story other than they celebrate the theme of your exhibit. My recommendations are as follows: [You should carefully consider what it is that YOU want to do with your material, what sort of story you want to tell and how you want your material/story to impact the viewing audience. Remember you exhibit for yourself, the personal enjoyment of putting your material out , you exhibit for the people who you hope will enjoy your material and their personal enhancement, and you MAY exhibit for the judges who are required to evaluate based upon a series of fairly focused criteria depending upon what it is you are showing. You CAN do all three but it is not required!]
BUILD UP YOUR STORY: Use an outline to define, identify and develop all the steps of your subject. A true outline will keep you focused upon the subject at hand and will force the material to tell the story, not force the story to what material you have. All steps leading to the testing, designs, contractors, etc. Each of your major subsections could be broken up with a subtitle page describing what is next in the development of the mission.
TELL US MORE ABOUT THE STORY: Develop it with the other material if possible. Develop more about the astronauts and cosmonauts, the launch and mission accomplishments.
TELL US MORE ABOUT THE MATERIAL: If you keep it in the illustrated mail section of event covers, you will need to have more information about the cachets as well, who made them, designed them, etc.

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