Exhibition Results and Comments

China '99

The China'99 world space exhibition was opened on 21 August 1999 in Beijing, and 13 astrophilately displays achieved awards.They were:

1.Australia, C.Bromser, Pioneer Rocket Mail, 8 frames, Gold
2.Austria, J.Matejka, Race in space, 8 frames,Large vermeil
3.Austria, --, Erforschung Des weltraums, 5 frames, Vermeil
4.Belgium, S.Brulants, European Space Achievements, 5 frames, Large silver
5.Belgium, J.Verhalle, Russian Manned Space Flights, 5 frames, Large silver
6.China,F.Ling, From the 1st Rockets of China to Chinese Space Mail-Astronomical History of China, 5 frames, Large silver
7.Cyprus, G.Stavrinos, Apollo project, 5 frames, Silver
8.France, J.Lafon,Des Premiers vols Habites A'la Mission Apollo Soyouz, 5 frames, Large silver
9.Germany, --, Amerika's Aufbruch Zum Mond, 5 frames, large vermeil
10.Russia, I.Rodin, Space Mail from "Salut" to "Mir", 8 frames, Large vermeil + Special
11.Sweden, F.leemhorst, Mail Sent by Rockets and missiles, 5 frames, Vermeil
12.Switzerland, R.Schneider, wege Zur bemannten Weltraumfahrt, 8 frames, Large vermeil
13. USA, R.A.Ramkissoon, Development of the United States Lunar Exploration, 5 frames, Large vermeil

(See Space Unit Exhibitions for Report on First Overseas Space Unit meeting)

Astro Results:
Eight collections had been accepted for Astrophilately, and the two best
ones were from Space Unit members:

Last, but not least, visitors of IBRA 99 even had the occasion to meet a
real cosmonaut. Gherman Titov, 2nd Man in space with Vostok 2 and youngest
spacefarer ever, attended the sales stand of the Russian stamp company
"Marka" during the entire duration of the exhibition, voluntarily signing
everything that was presented to him. Had I known he would be there, I
could have carried some suitable items to be signed, but I managed to find
a set of color postcards showing Gagarin and himself reading a newspaper at
the stand of a Russian stamp dealer. Titov smiled when he signed them:
"1961", he said, clearly remembering those stationary cards. He clearly
enjoyed someone knew what he was famous for.

Israel 98

Astro Results:
Name Award Points From
Beatrice Bachmann Large Gold 96 Switzerland
CHASTE Gold+Special Prize 94 Australia
Jurg Dierauer Gold 92 Switzerland
Walter Hopferwieser Large Vermeil 89 Austria
Miri Matejka ,, ,, 87 Austria
Rudolf Schneider Vermeil 81 Switzerland
Jose Grandela Large Silver 77 Spain
Jean-Louis Lafon Silver 74 France

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