An example of the three different postmarks available for this Primary Ship Recovery cover on "Goldey" of Goldcraft Covers cachet covers.

Backdated - The US Navy admitted that there were no Mercury commemorative stamps aboard the Noa on 20 February 1962. The stamps did not reach the ship until the 23 February. The destroyer's mail clerk reported that 300 covers were backdated Feb 20.

In-Port - The stamps were added and the covers postmarked when the USS Noa returned to port on Feb 23. 1500 covers were dated Feb 23.

Genuine - These covers were postmarked on board the USS Noa while at sea on Feb 20. Note that such covers can't use the Mercury commemorative stamp.

Riser Fakes - Not Illustrated - Although not officially listed, it is believed that Charles Riser faked USS Noa covers in addition to many others. All such covers are believed to be on US embossed 7c and 8c airmail envelopes (UC18, UC33 and UC26).

Kindly submitted by Mark Bloom