This is an example of the first known cover issued for rocket flights from Woomera, Australia. It was issued on 5 June, 1964. The flight was the first of 10 (11 if the first involving a Black Knight launched into an impact area near Mirikata to test safeyt systems is counted - no cover done) in ELDO's program at Woomera. This test (as did the next two) used the Blue Streak rocket alone. It was the largest rocket launched outside the Territories of the Superpowers. The flight initially went well but as the propellant tanks emptied, the remaining propellants began to slosh about, causing oscillations to build up. Eventually the rocket rolled and then began to cartwheel specacularly across the sky. The automatic break-up system triggered with remnants crashing to earth 1000 kilometers NW of Woomera. Despite this limited success, the launch was considered a milestone for Australia.

Kindly submitted by Dr Ross J Smith