Bogus Cover

There is a cover being sold since March on e-bay for the 50th Anniversary
of Pete Everest's last X-1 flight. I have also made the same cover. HOWEVER,
this cover carries what has been defined by the postmaster at Edwards AFB as
a bogus postmark.

When I first saw this cover, which carries a pictorial postmark dated Feb. 21, 2000, I sent covers to Edwards AFB to obtain it. A few weeks late those covers came back with the "regular" pictorial postmark on them. I then called the post office and had a conference call with the postmaster and the clerk who does the canceling. They both verified that there was NO special postmark being offered on the Feb. 21, 2000 date. I then proceeded to furnish the postmaster at Edwards a copy of the envelope from e-bay for further verification. Another follow up call indicated the postmark to be bogus...probably printed at the same time the cover was printed.

The latest such item on e-bay with the cover displayed expired on July 8th. HOWEVER, it is still listed under completed items on ebay and the graphic STILL shows up when the item number is inserted. In order to view it, one has to hit "search", then hit "completed auctions" and insert "Pete Everest" or just put in the "item number" after hitting search....which is
372152262. The actual date on the cancellation is Feb. 21, 2000, but is difficult to
read since a blue stamp is under it. I also have a file saved from the March cover that was sold on e-bay which is easier to read.

However, if you do a copy and paste and magnify it, one can see the date. No such cancellation was made for this date. The first cover that I noticed in March of 2000 sold for $57.00 on e-bay. The screen name of the person selling them on e-bay is "fastest man alive". It seems like three or four have sold on e-bay with each carrying an Everest autograph. The seller states that the one that just sold is the last one that he has that has
been autographed by Everest. I wander how many more he will pop out with autographs, but with the bogus postmark on it!

by Jürgen P. Esders


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