Autographs in the Mail
by Jürgen P Esders, International Director, Space Unit

Friedrich Duerr, 91, German rocket pioneer of Wernher von Braun‘s group of
Peenemünde engineers, died on 20 December 2000 in a Huntsville hospital.
Mr. Duerr graduated from Munich Technical University with a degree in
electrical engineering. He was an eager mountain climber and skier. In the
fall of 1945, he arrived in the United States as a member of the Von Braun

Col. (ret.) Richard A. Searfoss, retired space shuttle astronaut, can be
reached at his home address: 14869 Oldham Dr., Orlando, FL 32826-4115. Col.
Searfoss charges $20 for his autograph.

Marine Corps LtCol. Andrew M. Allen, is now: Director, Technical
Operations, United Space Alliance, USH-800A, 600 Gemini, Houston, TX
77058-2783. Lt. Col. Allen autographs items sent to him.

Heinz H. Hilten, an architect at Peenemünde & Huntsville who built many of
the laboratories in which the Peenemündian rocket pioneers worked, lives
at: 2815 Carl T. Jones Dr., Apt. 308, Huntsville, AL 35802-1262. Hilten
autographs items sent to him.

Prof. Dr. R. Glynn Holt, (Alternate Payload Specialist STS-73/USML-2):
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Boston University, 110
Cummington St, Boston, MA 02215. ;
e-mail:, In the past Prof. Holt has autographed items sent to
him and sent out signed photos.

BGen. Michael A. Hamel, (Manned Spaceflight Engineer (MSE) Program, DoD),
HQ AFSPC/DR, 150 Vandenberg Street, Suite 1105, Peterson AFB, CO
80914-4580, USA. General Hamel signs items sent to him and sends out signed

Patricia C. Hilliard, unflown astronaut candidate of Group 17, has married
and now signs „Patty Robertson".

Maj. Michael John McKay, a former Canadian Astronaut Candidate who retired
from the program 1995 for ‘health reasons', no works for the Directorate of
Space Development, National Defense Headquarters, MGen. George R. Pearkes
Bldg., 101 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON K1A OK2, Canada. Maj. McKay does not
respond to autograph requests.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction author and spaceflight theoretician:
4715 Gregory's Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

MGen. Dr. Charles F. Bolden jr., Commanding General, 3rd Marine Aircraft
Wing, P.O. Box 452038, MCAS Miramar, San Diego CA 92145-2038, USA. General
Bolden autographs items sent to him and sends out signed and inscribed

Sally K. Ride has raised her signing fee to $15 per autograph. Make out
checks to „Ride Public Service Internship Program". Prof. Dr. Sally K.
Ride, California Space Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography,
University of California, San Diego, Director, MS: 0-524, 9500 Gilman Dr.,
La Jolla, CA 92093-0524, USA;

Dr. Ing. Franco E. Malerba (Italian Payload specialist candidate STS-46),
is no longer a European Parliament member, but returned to space industry
as: Special Assistant to the Director General, Alenia Spazio SpA, Corso
Marche, 41, I-10146 Torino, Italy. Dottore Malerba signs items sent to him.

Bill Nelson, former House member and payload specialist on STS-61C, has
been elected to the US Senate.

William B. Lenoir can no longer be reached at the Booz, Allen and Hamilton

Julius Hatry, German rocket pioneer who developed the first rocket motor
for an aircraft on behalf of Fritz von Opel, has died on November 7, 2000,
in the German town of Mannheim. Hatry was 93 years old.

Brig. Gen. (ret.) E. Jacob "Jake" Garn, Summit Ventures, LLC, One Utah
Center- Suite 600, 201 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA.

Maxime A. Faget, who constructed the Mercury capsule & the Shuttle, can be
reached at 11822 Orchard Mountain Dr, Houston, TX 77059-5516, USA. Faget
autographs items sent to him.

STS-105 crew named: Endeavour: ISS-7A1 (Donatello MPLM); Crew: Scott J.
Horowitz (Cmdr.), Frederick W. „Rick" Sturckow (Plt.), Daniel T. Barry,
Patrick G. Forrester (Mission specialists); Frank L. Culbertson (up),
Vladimir Dezhurov (up), Mikhail Tyurin (up), James Voss (down), Susan Helms
(down), Yuri Usachyov (down) (MS)

STS-107 crew now complete: Rick D. Husband will command, William C.
„Willie" McCool serve as pilot. Here the complete crew: 19.7.2001:
Columbia: Research Mission. Crew: Rick D. Husband (Cmdr.), , William C.
„Willie" McCool (Plt.), Michael P. Anderson, Kalpana Chawla, David M.
Brown, Laurel B. Clark (MS), Ilan Ramon (Israel) (PS)

Bernhard R. Tessmann, Peenemündian rocket pioneer from the Wernher von
Braun group, can no longer be reached at the address listen in my list.

Claudie André-Deshays, French cosmonaut in the ESA astronaut corps, will
become the 2nd European spacefarer to go to the International Space
Station. French space agency CNES booked her a seat on a ISS taxi mission
on Soyuz in October 2001. André-Deshays, who flew on Soyuz TM24 in 1996,
will spend ten days in space. She began her training on January 23, 2001.

Col. William S. McArthur, jr., who just returned from his mission on
STS-92, has been detached as head of NASA‘s Office at Star City: Director,
Operations, NASA Office, Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, 141 160
Zvezdny Gorodok, Mosk. Obl., Russia.

Air Force BGen. Kevin P. Chilton, (STS-76, 49, 59), Dep Dir,
Politico-Military Affairs, J-5, 5104 Joint Staff Pentagon, Washington DC
20318-5104, USA.

Mamoru Mohri, Japanese astronaut on STS-47 and STS-99, has left the
Japanese space agency NASDA to become Director of the new Museum for
Science and Future in Tokyo. Mohri will, however, continue to work
part-time for NASDA to train new Hapanese astronauts. Mohri‘s Museum will
open for the public in July 2001.

Stanley P. Butchart, (Testpilot X 4 Bantam, X 5, D-558-II Pilot), 44442 N.
Fern Ave., Lancaster, CA 93534, USA. Butchart autographs items sent to him.

Russell L. Schweickart, Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 9: P.O. Box 381, The
Sea Ranch, CA 95497-0381, USA. However, Schweickart does not grant
autographs by mail.

Carolyn S. Griner, Deputy Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center and
a payload specialist candidate for Spacelab 3, has retired effective Jan.
3, 2001. She can only be reached at her home address: 115 Remington Rd.,
Madison, AL 35758-7949, USA.

Dr. N. Jan Davis, Deputy Director of the Flight Projects Department at
MSFC, has been promoted Director of the same department in Huntsville.

Dr. John Padday, a payload specialist candidate for Kodak in the 80s, has
died last August, his widow told an autograph collector.

Werner K. Gengelbach, Peenemündian rocket pioneer of the Wernher-von-Braun
group, requests collectors not to send him autograph requests any more. Old
age and failing health made it impossible for him to respond to this type
of correspondence any more, Gengelbach told a collector.

Prof. Col. Gen. Vladimir Vasilyevich Kovalyonok, Soviet veteran cosmonaut,
has no photos he could send out to autograph requesters, he told a number
of collectors who had written to him. Kovalyonok is now the Chief of the
Zhukovsky Military Aircraft Technical University, (3, Planetnaya St.,
Moscow 125167, Russia); however, the standard Star City address is still
the best address to use.

Dr. Robert E. Stevenson, payload specialist candidate for STS-41G, who
declined his spaceflight opportunity on private grounds and was replaced by
Australian Paul D. Scully-Power, can no longer be reached at the California
address mentioned in my list.

Ann F. Whitaker, Ph. D., a Spacelab finalist candidate), is now: Deputy
Director, Science Directorate, Bldg. 4201, Rm. 503B, Mail Code 05952,
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812, USA.

Kurt Schiebeler, Lotsenstr. 7, 42697 Solingen, Germany.
Otto A. Böhner, Barbarossastr. 28, 76855 Annweiler am Trifels, Germany.

Dr. Charles Elachi has been named new Director of the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory in Pasadena. Elachi was born April 18, 1947, in the Lebanon, and
follows Edward C. Stone, who returns to academics. Elachi will assume his
new position on May 1st.

STS-108 crew named: The 12th ISS mission with the MPLM lab and the
exchange of the 3rd by the 4th residence crew will be served by the
following astronaut team: Dominic L. Gorie (Cmdr.), Mark E. Kelly (Pilot),
Linda M. Godwin, Daniel M. Tani (MS), Auf dem Hinflug: Daniel W. Bursch,
Carl E. Walz, Yuri Onufriyenko (Expedition Four up), Frank L. Culbertson,
Mikhail Tyurin, Vladimir Dezhurov (Expedition Three, down). Endeavour is
scheduled for October 4, 2001.

Otto Hirschler, German rocket pioneer of Wernher von Brauns team, has died
on February 2nd, 2001. Hirschler was 87 years old. Jointly with Helmut
Hoelzer, Hirschler worked on electronic systems for the simulation of
thrust, gravity, aerodynamic effects and control of rockets throughout the
Apollo program.

Lt. Cmdr. Susan L. Kilrain, a U.S. Navy pilot who flew STS-83 and 94 under
her maiden name of Still, is now detached to Washington: Aviation Safety
Officer, Office of Spaceflight, NASA Headquarters, Rm. 5Y72, Code QS,
Washington, D.C. 20546-0001, USA.

Philippe Perrin, French astronaut candidate and a mission specialist with
NASA, has been assigned mission specialist on STS-111. The mission is
scheduled for March 2002.

Dr. Joseph P. Allen IV, Ph. D., President & C.E.O., Chairman, Veridian,
Corporate Headquarters, 1200 South Hayes St., Suite 1100, Arlington, VA
22202, USA

George W. Abbey, Director of the Johnson Space Centers becomes Senior
Assistant for International Relations for NASA Administrator Dan Goldin.
The move, generally seen as a demotion for Abbey, follows criticism over
considerable cost overruns in the shuttle upgrading program. Roy Estess,
Director of the Stennis Space Centers in Missouri, will serve as Acting
Director and manage the Houston based center jointly with Joe Rothenberg
from the Washington based Office for Spaceflight.

Edward T. Schneider, T-38 Instructor Pilot, now works at Ellington Field:
Code CC, Bldg. 276, Rm. 2024, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
77058, USA

Rogers Smith, a former test pilot with the Dryden Research Center in
Edwards, is now working as a consultant and can be reached at: 2704 Safe
Circle, Lancaster, CA 93536-6048, USA

Dr. Paul D. Scully-Power, D.S.M., D.Sc., Chairman, Civil Aviation Safety
Authority, P.O. Box 2005, Canberra. ACT 2600, Australia. Scully-Power signs
items sent to him.

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