Autographs in the mail

(Column by Jürgen P. Esders)

Maj. Timothy K. C. Mace, 327B Polaris Avenue, Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria,
South Africa. Mace usually signs items sent to him.

Dr John S. Bull, P.O. Box 1106, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96156, USA. Dr Bull
usually signs items sent to him.

Lt. Col. Maurizio Cheli, (European Space Agency Astronaut, NASA Mission
specialist Group 14, STS-75), Chief Test Pilot, Alenia Spazio SpA, c/o
Officio Piloti, STAB, Caselle Sud, I-10072 Caselle (Torino), Italy. Cheli
has been a difficult signer lately.

Capt. Jean-Marc Gasparini, (1990 CNES selection finalist), Dassault
Aviation, BP28, 13801 Istres, France. Gasparini signs items sent to him.

Yuri Viktorovich Prikhodko, (Buran Test Pilot), 7811 Eads Avenue, Unit 11,
La Jolla CA 92037, USA. Prikhodko's signing record is not yet known.

Col. (Ret.) Stanley E. Boyd, former NASA test pilot, 49 Arroyo Grenada
Road, Placitis NM 87043, USA. Boyd readily signs covers on his flights and
sends out a small signed photo.

Russell J. Scott, (USAF astronaut designee, Class 4, 1963), 364 Lynn Cove
Road, Asheville NC 28804, USA. Scott's signing record is a yet unknown.

Walter S. Smith (USAF astronaut designee, Class 4, 1963) 11301 Cielo
Place, Santa Ana CA 92705, USA. Smith's signing record is as yet unknown.

John Lawrence Finley, Capt.; 1894 Woodchase Glen Drive, Cordova TN 38018,
USA. Finley's signing record is mixed.

MajGen. (Ret.). Kenneth W. Weir, (USAF Astronaut designee, Class 4, 1963),
12122 Skyline Dr., Santa Ana, Calif. 92705; USA. Weir's signing record is
as yet unknown.

Robert L. Gibson: The "481 Beasley Rd., Murfreesboro, TN 37128-3832, USA"
address listed in my address lists is no longer valid.

Captain Donald E. Williams, Senior Systems Engineer, Science Applications
International Corp. (SAIC), 2200 Space Park Dr., Ste. 200, Houston, TX
77058-3678, USA

Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canadian payload specialist on STS-42, can no longer be
reached at the London, W. Ontario, address noted in my list.

Ernst Messerschmid, German payload specialist on STS-61 A in 1985, will
soon leave his Chair at Stuttgart University to take over the European
Astronaut Centre (EAC) at Cologne, Germany.

Michael J. McCulley has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of
United Space Alliance (USA), the prime contractor for NASA's Space Shuttle
program. McCulley will be responsible for the day-to-day operations
management of the 10,000- employee company. He replaces Jim Adamson, who
recently left the company to become President of AlliedSignal Technical
Services Corporation. Since 1997, McCulley has served as vice president and
deputy program manager for the Space Flight Operations Contract at USA,
playing a key role in the management of contract elements in Florida,
Alabama, Texas and California. A retired U.S. Navy captain and a former
NASA astronaut who logged more than 119 hours in space, McCulley piloted
the highly successful STS-34 Shuttle mission. The October 1989 flight
featured the deployment of the Galileo spacecraft on its decade-long
journey to explore Jupiter and its moons.

Colonel Yuri Vasilievich Malyshev, Soviet cosmonaut veteran of two flights,
has died on 8 November 1999. He was 58. Malyshev was selected to be a
cosmonaut in March 1965. Due to training limitations his acceptance was
postponed however, and he did not report until April 1967. After serving as
a member of the back-up crew for Soyuz 22 (in 1976), Malyshev was named
commander of Soyuz T-2. Launched in June 1980, the 4-day mission
successfully tested the redesigned Soyuz spacecraft and docked with the
Salyut 6 space station. Initially chosen to command Soyuz T-6 in 1982,
Malyshev was reassigned to train new cosmonauts after it was discovered he
and another crew member could not work well together. On April 3, 1984, he
flew his second and final flight aboard Soyuz T-11. Delivering Indian pilot
Rakesh Sharma and flight engineer Gennadiy Strekalov to the Salyut 7
station, Malyshev returned to Earth aboard Soyuz T-12 one week later. Yuri
Malyshev was the 95th human in orbit, logging 284 hours in space (over his
two missions). After retiring as a cosmonaut in 1993, he served as Deputy
Director of the political department at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training
Center in Star City, Russia.

William G. Gregory, veteran shuttle astronaut, retired from the Air Force
and left NASA this last summer to take a position with the Honeywell
Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona as Manager of Business Development. During
his single spaceflight on STS-67, the retired Lieutenant-Colonel served as
pilot. The Johnson Space Center hid Gregory's resignation within a shroud
of secrecy: neither did the Houston based institution publish a press
release, nor were Gregory's biography or X500 directory entry updated.
"Sometimes we're able to do press releases when an astronaut leaves, and
other times because of the press of business and resource constraints we're
just not able to do them. As of late we've been very understaffed so in
Bill's case we didn't do one", Douglas D. Peterson from JSC's press office
told Spaceflight. Days later Gregory's biography on the JSC website was

John Paul Stapp, "pilot" of rocket driven sleds, has died on November 13th.
Stapp was 89 years old.

Prof. Dr. Don L. Lind, Astronaut on STS-51 B, has retired from his post as
Professor at Utah State University. He can only be reached from his home
address from now on: 51 N 376 E., Smithfield, UT 84335-1111, USA. (A + B,
SASE required).

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